Steve Recommends


Jonathan Fearon, Ripple Consulting


 A seriously talented and dedicated portfolio, programme and project manager.  Highly recommended.



Craig Kilford, Cansoti


My co-author on Management of Portfolios.  Demonstrates that there is more than one way to reach Nirvana.  Incredibly strong inter-personal skills – which is what you need if you’re going to make a success of portfolio management.  As Craig would say, “It’s a love-in man”.



Edwin Abl


The man when it comes to identifying and attracting the people who are the difference that makes the difference.  In particular excellent digital marketing agency services for SMEs – see



Rob Parker


The most talented senior consultant I’ve ever met.  Adds value every day and pushes himself harder than any client could.


Susan Goldsworthy


Business change and comms without the fluffy bits – just the bits that work.



Matthew Snaith


Personal coach and all round decent bloke.  Kept me sane!